Denise Milani from her Sunset photoshoot.

Denise Milani born April 24th, 1976 is a Czech born glamour and fitness model. She become one of the most popular and iconic internet models in history, thus thus earning her several nicknames including "The new queen of eroticism" and "Beautiful Perfection". Her boobs are extra large. She is shooting for her first nude picture.

Early Life & Career Edit

Not much is known about Denise's early life before coming to the United States. In an interview done in a video with fellow model Jamie Hammer Denise revealed that she hadn't fully mastered English when she moved to the states. Denise talked about only being able to understand a few select words and how it was intimidating for her at times.

After Denise immigrated to Los Angeles she got a job as working at a bar in Hermosa Beach where she was discovered and offered a job as a sports model.
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Denise in 2005 with fellow SbB model Annie.

She was given a job modeling with SPORTSbyBROOKS in 2005. While working with SbB she would work with several models including Crystal Hawkins and Jessica Rockwell.

It should be noted that there are various stories or claims about her early career pre-SbB. Some say she actually started modeling while still living in the Czech Republic, while others claim that she came to America and was a hairstylist for a while. At this time there seems to be no definitive origin story for Denise before she started working for SbB, however the story that she started off in massage/physical therapy seems to be the most popular at this time. Despite it being false according to Milani. Denise Milani in an interview with Ask Men stated that she never posed professionally for the camera until she moved to California.

Modeling Career Edit

While the inception of the start of her solo modeling career with her own website has been disputed in a general sense in 2006 Denise Milani began work on It was to be a pinup style website and Denise would not be posing nude. Due to her natural 32DDD sized breasts word of Denise's website spread quite quickly throughout the internet and her fan base began to grow quickly.

Certain sets such as Weightlifting became web hits and it wasn't long before Denise became synonymous with sex appeal and by 2007 she was one of the most obsessed over internet models of all time. This was all without ever appearing in a single magazine and only creating self-produced calendars and merchandise. Denise did however appear on an episode of WGN morning show from Chicago which has become a famous video watched by her fans.